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Distant Healing Checklist

1.  Preparing the Space

  • Light a candle or visualize a lit candle.

  • Watch the movement, colours, aura and energy flows of the candle.

  • Close your eyes.

  • Dedicate the light to your Distant Healing Practice.

  • Give thanks for the opportunity to send out healing light.


2.  Preparing the Mind

  • Focus your mind on the heart chakra. 

  • Place a gold symbol or representation of a Higher Power in your heart chakra such as sacred symbols—a cross, star, picture of Christ, the Buddha, Sai Baba, etc., appropriate to your own spiritual background.

  • As you inhale, visualize your heart center filling with the candle’s golden light.

  • As you exhale, visualize the light expanding.

  • See this light extending from your heart to create a healing station in front of you.

  • Once you are aware the light has formed, affirm that this is the light of healing.


3.  Inviting the Recipient(s)

  • Visualize a specific person sitting in front of you.

  • See them in detail (if you know them), and say their name out loud or mentally.

  • If you are unable to visualize them clearly, you may experience their presence in another way as a color, symbol, sound, emotion or health condition, etc.

  • You are linked by the Attunement Triangle from your Soul, to the Divine Source, to the Soul of the recipient.

  • Extend the golden light to surround the person with love, protection and universal healing energies.


4.  Distant Healing

  • Hold them in the light until you sense that the healing is complete.

  • Take a mental note of any information that you may receive about their condition.

  • Ask for healing of any specific condition as indicated.

  • Give a final prayer of gratitude and protection.

  • Allow the visualization to fade and your focus to return to the heart center.

  • Continue with your list of names/recipients.

  • Repeat one at a time.


5.  Closing

  • When your list is complete, give thanks for being a channel of healing.

  • Blow out the candle or visualize extinguishing it.

  • Slowly bring your focus back to the room.

by Jack Angelo, Hands on Healing

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