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Sitting in the Silence

by Bette Wood

The difference between prayer and meditation

Be still and know that I am God.

Be still, be still,

Be still, and know that I am God.

Create a daily practice of being quiet and being still.

Meditation and Prayer are two ways to accomplish this. Meditate for ten minutes in the morning and in the evening. Or just do whatever works for you, maybe it's ten minutes during your lunch break or even while you're on the treadmill.

Prayer is the way we talk to God. It is a time when we ask for what we need, express our concerns and ask for guidance.

There is a power for good in the Universe; it is greater than we are and it is ours to use. That power or presence knows all things, is everywhere present, and is all powerful. It is the unity of all life. There is nothing the power cannot do. We know this power as Divine Mind, God, Light, Love or Universal Intelligence. It really doesn‘t matter what we call it.

This energy of all life lives and moves and has its being by means of you and I. We are the inlet and the outlet to this divine energy. When we grasp our true relationship to this energy we are able to begin to claim our divine heritage.

This perfect power is available at all times in all situations, large or small. Its greatest desire is to be expressed by each one of us in our own individual and unique way to create the life we choose.

When we become conscious of the presence within we no longer have to worry or fret, rather we have a choice to remember who we are and that this power will answer our every need. We can start anew everyday living a life of harmony trusting in the power within.

Meditation is a time to go within and listen. Meditation on a daily basis has so many benefits it is impossible to list them all. These benefits range from purely physical, such as a reduced pulse rate, better sleep patterns, healthier skin, slowing of the aging process, to the emotional, such as a greater control over the emotions, getting in touch with our deeper feelings in a positive way and reducing emotional states such as anger, guilt and low self-esteem. Meditation brings greater peace of mind, increases the ability to handle stress and increases the capacity to deal with heavy mental workloads.

Concentration meditation teaches you how to focus your mind. It's the foundation for other forms of meditation.

● Heart-centered meditation involves quieting the mind and bringing awareness to the heart, an energy center in the middle of the chest.

● Mindfulness meditation encourages you to focus objectively on negative thoughts as they move through your mind, so you can achieve a state of calm.

● Tai chi and qigong are moving forms of meditation that combine physical exercise with breathing and focus.

● Transcendental Meditation is a well-known technique in which you repeat a mantra—a word, phrase, or sound—to quiet your thoughts and achieve greaterawareness.

● Walking meditation turns your focus to both body and mind as you breathe intime with your footsteps.


Meditation has great spiritual benefits. It is an essential part of our spiritual evolution.

Your connection to that greater energy is vastly enhanced by going within and

exploring your inner self.

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