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Image by Nico Frey


 by Marlene Harris

Dr. Seuss once said, “Don’t cry because it’s over; smile because it happened!” When our wonderful dog, Maya, had to be euthanized three months ago, my husband and I were heartbroken as we buried the most loving dog we’d ever had. Following Dr. Seuss’ advice was next to impossible on this occasion. Anatole France, a French writer born 100 years before me, once said, “Until you’ve loved an animal, a part of your soul remains unawakened.”

White Sand and Stone


Distant Healing Practice

A checklist for Distant Healing.



Rev. Ella Groves, Calgary First Spiritualist Church

Be like the Sun that gives its light and warmth to every living thing without judgement or prejudice. Be like the Air that gives the breath of life to all without favouritism.

Is Reiki Spiritual Healing?

By Jane Fleming

Energy Healing is Our Natural Birthright
Energy Healing has always been with us and is part of our natural birthright as human beings. The human brain and body has been hardwired over millions of years of evolution to channel Healing Energy. We have a Spiritual Nervous System that uses the same physical neural pathways used for physiological purposes. Brain scientists today can even locate the part of the brain in which we experience a spiritual state of Oneness with All That Is. Spiritual Healing, Reiki and many forms of energy healing have their origins in ancient cultures and are being rediscovered in modern times.

Exterior of White Mosque

The Energy of Sacred Sites by Jane Fleming
Past President, ASHA

The Holy Land

Despite the crisis and war in Israel at this time, we remember that millions of people consider it the Holy Land. Edna Jacques was a beloved homespun poet who published poetry in newspapers and magazines across Canada from the 1930’s on. In her autobiography Uphill All the Way she showed that the pioneer life was exactly that, uphill all the way. But in retirement she received a windfall of money and was able to go to the Holy Land. She said: ‘Maw always wanted to go, but never had the ghost of a chance.’ So, Edna went herself.


By Jane Fleming

In the year 2000 the Calgary First Spiritualist Church received a special gift. Laura O’Connor brought her beautiful electric piano to the church and became the church organist for the next 15 years. She also brought with her A Course In Miracles (ACIM) and the Association of Spiritual Healers of Alberta (ASHA) from the New Thought Church.

Hilly landscape in Autumn


By Jane Fleming

Many ASHA healers will remember Rev. Gabriella Enyedvary who served regularly as a healer on Monday nights for over 20 years. She was a tall, statuesque beauty, stylishly coiffed, wearing elegant clothes with simple yet stunning jewelry. She stood grounded and gracefully aligned to give spiritual healing to recipients on a regular basis.  

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