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Healing & Heeling With an Angel

By Marlene Harris, Spring 2020

Dr. Seuss once said, “Don’t cry because it’s over; smile because it happened!” When our wonderful dog, Maya, had to be euthanized three months ago, my husband and I were heartbroken as we buried the most loving dog we’d ever had. Following Dr. Seuss’ advice was next to impossible on this occasion. Anatole France, a French writer born 100 years before me, once said, “Until you’ve loved an animal, a part of your soul remains unawakened.” Click button below to continue reading

Reading with Coffee

Articles of Interest

A collection of articles to enrich your mind.

The Elements of Life

by Rev. Ella Groves, Calgary First Spiritualist Church, Spring 2020

Be like the Sun that gives its light and warmth to every living thing without judgement or prejudice. Be like the Air that gives the breath of life to all without favouritism.
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Exercise for Healers

Distant Healing Practice, Spring 2020

A checklist for Distant Healing.
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