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Inspiration from our President, Doug McMurray

Hello Everyone!


So here we are. Already heading towards the holiday season. I trust that each of you had time to experience a great summer and create lasting memories.


We certainly were able to do just that with our potluck BBQ in late August hosted by Barb Wright at her home, (“Almost a Ranch”), near Priddis. It was a perfect day to be outside and enjoy each other’s company without the illusions of time putting pressure on us. Many thanks to Barb, the many chefs and our head BBQ griller, Grant, for serving up great food! Nothing complements great fellowship like “breaking bread” together.


As you all know,  autumn is the time of the year when we hold our annual course open to those drawn to spiritual healing to take it a little further. Bette has shared her excitement with me about the individuals who are enrolled this year. While I have not yet had the opportunity to meet all of you, I am looking forward to doing so. As I write this, the course work is now just wrapping up and the hands-on training is about to begin so I’m sure we will meet soon!


I also want to recognize and congratulate our class of 22/23! At our graduation ceremonies November 13 it was my personal pleasure to shake each of your hands and recognize you as individuals.   I honour your commitment and accomplishment, not only on becoming a Certified ASHA Healer but your commitment to yourself. It is truly my  pleasure to have met each of you and get to know you better each week as you travelled your own personal journey to seek more and more knowledge. I am looking forward to our future adventures together!


I will wrap this up by sharing a moment I was graced with recently. While spending some quiet time communing in nature one evening last week, I was struck by the beauty of the trees in all their bareness. I am always in awe of this time of the year when the leaves have fallen but the snow has not yet arrived in full force. Looking at the bare branches framed against the overcast sky I had the realization for myself that I was witnessing a mirror of who I really am. Inside. From the roots unseen to the finest twig ends. And I was reminded to take some time to reflect (or identify) on those inner values I hold dear and live them to the best of my ability each day. To be my highest and best self each day as best I can. No matter what that looks like. Maybe going so far as to perhaps question and fine tune them or perhaps revise. Life is very busy for all of us and I hope that individually all of you have the opportunity to step back, if only for a moment, to enjoy some solitary reflective time in this between seasons time. And to recognize and appreciate that, despite some of the outward appearances of this world at times, it really is a great place to be. I can think of no place better to hang out. So look for the good stuff too... and enjoy!


My best to all of you as you celebrate the season ahead!  See you down the road.

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