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ASHA Spring 2020 Newsletter

President's Report by Jane Fleming

Dear ASHA Friends,


The whole world is in an unprecedented situation when a deadly virus, coronavirus covid

19, can spread so rapidly over huge distances to so many places. This is truly a World Pandemic. (With great effort Ebola virus and SARS coronavirus were quickly confined.) The world of commerce that we have taken for granted has suddenly changed, and the medical assistance that the so-called civilized world has expected has changed as well.


Many people besides our sensitive healers are reacting to the world energy. It has been labelled anticipatory grief. We anticipate much disruption and difficulty, but we aren’t sure  what  will  be  the  actual  repercussions.  Our  ASHA  healers  have  practiced  staying centered  and  grounded  in  all  situations,  but  we  are  not  exempt  from  feeling  the  world energy which is heavy and extremely tiring just now.


In response to the situation, ASHA has had to quickly implement the use of Zoom as a platform  for  our  Monday  Evening  Healing  Sessions.  To  our  healers,  space,  time  and distance  are  not  a  problem.  Lorae  Marsten  has  offered  to  hold  the  meetings  and  can accommodate up to 100 people online. She is to be highly commended. Those who attend feel the healing energy just as powerfully as if they were in the church venue. This is a wonderful outcome for our organization. We have several among our members who are already pioneering the dispersal of healing protocols in this way.

I  am  including  here  the  opening  paragraph  from  the  ASHA  Spring  Newsletter  2019 because it has good advice for dealing with our current lock down:

“Spring has arrived on the prairies as usual in the form of blizzards, snow, rain and intermittent sunshine, all the elements necessary for the ‘greening’ of our wonderful part of Canada. It is time for the ‘greening of our spirits’ as we get outdoors more often and  cultivate  the  ‘blue  brain’.  According  to  scientists  and many valid  research studies, our human species is hard-wired to become peaceful when we see the natural world, and when  we  experience  water  (in  it,  on  it,  or  beside  it).  Instead  of  the  ‘red  brain’  which keeps us striving, competing, and being in the Mind Dimension, we can relax our bodies when going into the wilderness or natural places like our own back yards and parks. So I hope everyone is springing forward into spring.”


It is my sincere wish that all our members are finding a way to cope with this new world crisis.  As  healers,  we  anticipate  the  good  that  will  occur  as  our  world  moves  towards spiritual transformation.


I am grateful that the ASHA Spring Event 2020 – ASHA Teaching / Refresher Course was  held  successfully  over  a  weekend  at  the  end  of  February  with  23  healers  in attendance.  It  was  such  a  wonderful  experience  and  privilege  to  be  in  a  room  with  so many  experienced  healers,  and  especially  delightful  to  renew  acquaintances  and  make new friends.


The next important event will be the AGM (Annual General Meeting). It will have to be  conducted  on  Zoom.  Since  the  ASHA  June  Retreat  had  to  be  postponed  until  next year, we have moved the AGM from June 1st  to Monday evening, June 15th  at 6 pm. It will  be  followed  by  a  healing  session  at  7:30  pm.  You  will  receive  more  notices  via email.


The  Membership  Drive  2020  was  successful  with  54  paying  members,  9  Honorary Members and 10 Interns. Some few members have fallen away but we have added new graduates in 2019 who have become certified healers.   They are Jaclyn Dang, Joseph Haverty-Reynolds and Teneale Siebens. I am delighted to welcome these full healer- members to our organization.

The  ASHA  Board  has  struck  an  Education  Committee  to  make  decisions  on  the teaching of the Fall Training Course this year. They are Lorae Marsten as Chairperson, Ben Cheong, Heather Fjeld and Bette Wood as committee members. The four members have been selected for the following reasons.  All are:

  • Current members of the ASHA Board

  • Members of CFSC, our venue, giving valuable service to the church

  • Long-time   involvement   in   teaching/coaching   Spiritual   Protocols   & Courses

  • Organizational skills for teaching and/or office management

  • Skilled healers demonstrating Personal Integrity

It has been a privilege for me to be the ASHA President and Training Coach since 2005 – fifteen  wonderful  years.  I  will  be  stepping  back  from  the  teaching,  while  remaining  a consultant  and  active  Board  Member.  In  checking  my  records,  I  have  been  able  to graduate over one hundred healers since 2005 and taken many more through the course although they were not able to complete the Internship. As I step back from teaching, I marvel at the privilege I have been given to connect with so many students. I taught 36 years at the Mount Royal Conservatory to bring out the best in students and ensure that they had presentational skills for life. I had the privilege of working for the ISUP (Indian Student University Program) at U of C in the early 1970’s, to ensure that First Nation’s People  would  have  teachers  from their  own  background  on  First  Nation  Reserves.  My teaching career was punctuated with the experience of adjudicating festivals throughout Western   Canada,   and   giving   workshops   and   seminars   to   promote   excellence   of Communication  Skills.  My  personality  characteristic  was  ‘perfectionism’  in  regard  to stage performance, so I never could congratulate myself – no performance is ever perfect. Years ago in 1988 a medium friend said that there is a ‘perfection in the universe’, but not my kind. I wouldn’t change anything in my past career, except wish that I had been kinder  to  myself  and  not  judged  results  so  harshly.  My  maiden  name  was  Mary  Jane Harshman, so I guess it was inevitable.


All of the members of ASHA and past members and interns have been very kind to me, so that I could learn to accept appreciation. I have received many gifts from students over the years, and now I savour the memories that these gifts hold for me.


Thank you to all those associated with ASHA. Many who are no longer members I call Friends of ASHA, and stay in contact via a group email. Thank you to all who have over the years made ASHA thrive by serving on the Board or showing up on Monday night to give healings and help train the Interns.


Blessings to all, Jane Fleming

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