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The Elements of Life

by Rev. Ella Groves 
Calgary First Spiritualist Church, April 13, 2020

Be like the Sun that gives its light and warmth to every living thing without judgement or prejudice.
Be like the Air that gives the breath of life to all without favouritism.

Be like the Water that has no prejudice or judgment as to which life forms are allowed
to quench its thirst.
Be like Earth whose bounty provides nourishment and gives its gifts freely to all.


Give of your Spiritual Essence in these times of need.

Give it freely and without limitations knowing that the source of your Spiritual Essence is limitless.
Like the Element of the Sun it has been there for eons.

Like the Element of the Air it is there for all to partake.
Like the Element of Water it is there for all to drink.

And like the Element of Earth it continually renews itself so life can go on and on and on.


Be like the Sun and open your hearts to shine out Love to all.
Be like the Air and wrap the world in an atmosphere of peace.

Be like the Water and drench the earth with the energies of healing.

Be like the Earth and give the bounty of your spiritual selves in meditation and prayer.


We can all work together and our shared consciousness will raise the vibration of the world.

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