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Healing & Heeling With an Angel

This article was based on a talk given to Calgary First Spiritualist Church, Dec. 8th, 2019 By Marlene Harris

Dr. Seuss once said, “Don’t cry because it’s over; smile because it happened!” When our wonderful dog, Maya, had to be euthanized three months ago, my husband and I were heartbroken as we buried the most loving dog we’d ever had. Following Dr. Seuss’ advice was next to impossible on this occasion. Anatole France, a French writer born 100 years before me, once said, “Until you’ve loved an animal, a part of your soul remains unawakened.”


Maya, a large husky/shepherd cross, was the 8th dog I’d shared my life with. We adopted her from the Calgary Humane Society 4 years ago when she was 5 years old and now, at age 9 she’s passed away. When we adopted her, she had been surrendered with 4 pups that were 6 months old! Imagine the patience required to put up with 4 lively pups for 6 months, in contrast to the usual 6 to 8 weeks that most pups spend with their moms! As soon as I looked in her eyes, the eyes of another mom, I knew she was for me. During our 4 years together, we enjoyed at least 1400 walks. I viewed her as my steady walking companion in all kinds of weather, and she was the best walker that anyone could have. I had expected her to live to age 12 or even 15, as she was a strong, healthy canine. After her death, the vision board I had created at ASHA’s Spring Retreat in June, just 3 months before she died, took on a new meaning: On this vision board is a large photo of a dog staring directly at the viewer with a caption underneath saying: “Rehome a dog and change a life forever.” I questioned, “Whose life are we talking about?”


Maya appeared to be the picture of health this past March 21st when my husband, Don, was hospitalized with excruciating back pain and was straight away diagnosed with prostate cancer that had migrated into many parts of his skeleton: pelvis, spine, sternum, and skull. He spent 3 weeks in hospital and Maya became visibly depressed with his absence. Almost mid-April, just before being discharged, Don had one strong radiation treatment and the day following his discharge, he began a hormone treatment program. Maya was delighted when Don returned home after his 3 week absence. It was during Don’s absence that Maya had developed a minor cough, which the vet thought was a virus. What was very remarkable was that on Don’s visit to the urologist on August 19th, 4 months after the start of his prostate cancer treatments, the urologist declared Don 99.9% cancer-free! His PSA reading had gone from an initial 720 down to 0.8! Apparently the cancer cells remain in the skeleton but are now inactive. And during this same 4 months, Maya’s cough worsened, and she became visibly sicker and sicker, until finally she was diagnosed and died with lung cancer. 


Although medical science is truly amazing, I feel that Don’s rapid recovery took place due in large part to the great assistance of the many people who were praying for him and doing distant healing. Many thanks go to Rev. Ella Groves, who followed Don’s progress closely and formulated very specific prayers for his recovery that she and her prayer circles repeatedly used. Prayers went out not only for Don but also for all the practitioners helping Don. He was, in fact, always surrounded by extremely helpful, compassionate and skillful workers. Many thanks also to the Advanced Energy Healing team for their distant healings, to Rev. Jane Fleming and her ASHA healers, and to many other friends and relatives who were also praying for Don. Don also received a significant daily dietary supplement of amino acids to boost his immune system and accelerate whatever healing occurred during this time.


Many thanks also to Louise Gebhart, one of our senior mediums, for doing distant healings for Maya near the end of her life, which I’m sure assisted in her transition to the other side. After Maya’s passing, Louise said that Maya had chosen to assist with Don’s healing as well by taking on his condition in gratitude for being adopted into a loving home to spend the rest of her days. Also, at our church’s fall tea, I had the pleasure of meeting up with Shirley Bateman, an exceptional healer and medium and former member of our church, who now lives in southern Alberta. Shirley indicated to me that Maya’s connection to Don was likely pre-destined in some kind of ‘karmic pact’ in order to support Don who needs more time to complete his own purpose on Earth.


Louise and Shirley confirmed my own suspicions surrounding Maya’s death. I feel that Maya was herself very much a part of Don’s healing as they were so bonded to each other, my theory being based specifically on my prior experience and information about magnetic healing, the term used when the healer uses his/her own energy to heal, rather than channelling healing energies from Source. In ASHA healers train to avoid doing magnetic healing which would deplete their own energy. But Maya was never an ASHA student! I feel she made the choice to heal magnetically, the only way she knew how to heal and help Don; she gave up her life to help save his.


Louise Gebhart has mentioned the past use of horses to heal people of tuberculosis when effective treatments were unavailable. Horses were strong enough to be able to take on the illness and later transmute it. Louise commented that one horse would be strong enough to heal 500 people.


Another example of magnetic healing comes from Dr. Adam McLeod’s experience as a teenager. Adam, often referred to as the Dreamhealer, is now a medical doctor living in Coquitlam, B.C. with a specialty in naturopathic medicine, and apparently works mostly on cancer patients. When he was becoming aware of his energy healing abilities, he had an interesting experience around age 16 when he came home from school one day and went to see his mom who had been in bed all day suffering with a terrible headache, a feature of her MS condition. When Adam bent over his mom who was sitting up in bed, he suddenly could see a large green mass pulsating in her head. He said he felt like reaching in and pulling it out, which is essentially what happened, as he saw the green mass disappear while he took on her pain and developed a severe headache which apparently took several days to get rid of. It turned out that his mom thereafter had no more MS symptoms and no longer needed her walker or wheelchair. Adam was then directed to take instruction from a Qi Gong master who taught him how to avoid magnetic healing.


In the aftermath of Don’s recovery and Maya’s demise, I stumbled upon a fascinating book that’s been laying around the house for several years, which I had bought but never read, titled, Some Dogs Are Angels, The most extraordinary true story you will ever read by Mark Starmer, published in 2009. With great effort, Mark and his wife Sharon emigrated from the UK to Canada, taking up residence in the Bragg Creek area in 2006 with their 2 children, 6 dogs, and 2 cats. For many years Mark worked as a specialist in Human Resources, contracting himself out to various international corporations as a trainer for their CEO’s. It was during one of these contracts that he suddenly and unexpectedly ended up as a medical emergency and was diagnosed with acute pancreatitis, a condition that is notoriously fatal. On the verge of death 2 nights later, he remembered listening to some audio tapes on the power of mind over matter which he’d found quite impressive, so he decided to think himself better. Mark says, “My last cogent thought before succumbing to the delirium that was swallowing me up was that it was in my power to control what was happening to my body, and that I would survive.” (Rev. Steve Upton, whose trance healing protocol we use for our Advanced Energy Healing program, says that roughly 1/3 of people have minds strong enough to heal themselves.) The next morning, his temperature declined slightly and he thought things were looking up…until his doctor came into his room with 6 interns, and right in front of Mark, asked each of the interns to suggest why Mark was still alive! No one could come up with an acceptable reason, so one of the interns asked his mentor, “So why is he still alive?” To which the doctor replied, “I don’t know. He should be dead.” After a few more days in hospital he went home to continue recovering, crediting himself with having brought about his own cure by mastering the technique of mind over matter and thinking himself better!


A year later, Mark’s dad contracted legionnaire’s disease and after spending weeks in hospital slowly deteriorating, he phoned Mark, saying that he felt he was on his deathbed. Mark writes, “…he asked me if I recalled the night I was ‘supposed’ to have died…He then explained…something about that night that I didn’t know. He was aware of my proud boast that I had cured myself, but what I was unaware of was the fact that on that night…when things were at their worst, he had called a faith healer. That man in turn had called his entire prayer group, they had done their thing and by morning, I was on the road to recovery. Now he wanted me to do the same for him.” This information was somewhat of a blow to Mark’s ego as it was completely contrary to his belief in mind over matter, and he said, “It all sounded a bit too religious for me. Nevertheless, I did what he had asked and he made a complete recovery with alarming speed.” Subsequent to his dad’s healing, Mark, still sceptical about faith healing, conducted a brief exploration of spirituality, reading a few books to “gain a comparative awareness of religious belief systems but drew no conclusions.” Eventually, it struck him that the only common thread in all religions, without exception, was “the embracing of the concept of angelic beings.”


Sometime later on a business trip to Kuala Lumpur, the Malaysian capital, Mark purchased a cute stuffed toy dog of an unfamiliar breed for his baby son. Arriving back home with the stuffed dog, Mark attended a local garden show with his wife where he actually saw the live version of the stuffed dog and found out it was a Shar Pei. Mark was compelled to search out and purchase a Shar Pei puppy. He picked the calmest of the litter, the pup that gave him a strange sensation that seemed to emanate from within the dog, “like the tendril of a plant that came out and wrapped itself around my heart. It was a creepy sensation and it would be another five years before I discovered what had actually happened.”


Fast forward to 5 years later when Mark’s wife, Sharon, discovered a website of a lady called Ronna Herman who channelled an Archangel called Michael. Mark surprised himself by signing up for one of Ronna’s 2 day events in Rotterdam. On the last day of the event, Mark participated in a 20 minute ‘activation meditation’ that would thereafter enable participants to channel angels for themselves. Nothing untoward occurred for 5 months, and then unexpectedly, “whilst sitting talking to Sharon at our kitchen table, a voice in my head that was unrecognisable as my own, said “May I?” Apparently, my head dropped to my chest and the next thing I knew was that Sharon was staring at me with an awed expression. For the last five minutes I had been speaking with someone else’s voice.” Interestingly, just last month when our church speaker, Jenny Hogg Ashwell, the lawyer turned spiritual counsellor, came to talk to us about her channelling of messages from the High Council, I found out that she had attended some of Mark’s channelling sessions, in which Archangel Michael and other Archangels spoke through Mark.


Before he could connect with Archangel Michael, Mark first had to raise his frequency of vibration slightly to be able to attune to the frequency of 4 angelic guides who worked with him for some time. Finally, he could elevate his frequency even higher and connect with Archangel Michael. And once in tune with Archangel Michael, he could no longer hear angels vibrating at a lower frequency. (Archangel Michael apparently has an etheric retreat at Lake Louise, and had recommended to Mark that he and his family should live within a day’s drive of Lake Louise, hence their residence in Bragg Creek.) Mark’s book is a fascinating read with a wealth of phenomenal information about the nature and activities of angels. With limited time, I’ll present just some of this information, in particular that which seems relevant to the passing of our dog, Maya: 


  • Angels are beings of pure ‘Creator’ light whose mandate in this dimension is to generally support our human endeavours with particular focus on our continued progress along our ascension pathways which allows us to attain various soul levels. There could be many lifetimes in each soul level. 

  • They willingly assist us when we ask for their help, but are reluctant to interfere with our free will, and our soul path, so they like to wait until we request their assistance. On occasion they will intervene to make things happen if appropriate. They abide by a code of conduct! 

  • There are many more angels than there are of us.

  • In order to better understand the challenges of our 3rd dimensional existence, and to become more effective in supporting humanity, angels can incarnate in the bodies of animals that live in close association with people. Such animals are called avatars. (Angels cannot incarnate as humans because they can’t survive the length of our average lifetimes.) Mark explains that in the “Hindu belief system the concept of a deity incarnating in the body of an animal is still well known." 

  • When angels incarnate in the body of an animal, there is always a specific purpose attached to that lifetime. 

  • There is a preponderance of avatars in dog form, simply because historically, dogs and people have been in close association. Smaller numbers of avatars are horses. Cats and rats have at times been avatars. The energy of a canine avatar is far and above that of a normal dog. 

  • Avatars are quite rare. Only around 1 in 3,000 of all dogs living on the planet at any one time are angelic beings. 

  • Avatars get more input from their higher selves than we do, and respond appropriately when called upon to help, although they rarely remember their purpose for incarnating. 

  • We all have the capability to receive wisdom from our higher self via our subconscious mind if we are open to receiving it. Our higher self is a sub division of an angelic being. 

  • We all progress along our ascension pathway by coming more and more into balance throughout a series of lifetimes. Dogs do much the same. For example, “a balanced dog would be neither timid nor aggressive. It would exist in synergy with the needs of its humans, neither being too dependent nor too independent. It would be loving but not needy. Spending more time in natural settings helps people and dogs alike to come more into balance 

  • A nation-wide survey in Canada revealed that 67% of Canadians believe in angels. 

  • “In DNA terms, a Husky is the closest fully domesticated dog to a wolf that exists today. Therefore, it is a very pure representation of the life from which it came. Because of this, the light that the avatar (angelic being) possesses and emits is able to pass through the creature’s structure with ease and its purpose of bringing light and healing energies may be achieved with a relative lack of difficulty. A Husky is therefore the obvious choice of body for an avatar.” There are in fact more avatars that incarnate in Huskies than in other breeds of dogs. People ending up with Huskies have often been ‘influenced’, to choose a Husky simply because its energy is so appealing; they are unaware of its angelic nature. Of course not all Huskies are avatars, and most, although very friendly, are so lively and headstrong, they may not seem very angelic! 

  • Here is Mark’s channelled message from Archangel Michael:
    The relationships between humans and animals are of greater significance than you can possibly imagine. When our lives are interwoven with theirs it is because of the learning opportunities that present themselves, both for us and for them. If you were to see each other in your true soul forms, you are identical and your supremacy over them as beings is both a falsehood and an illusion. Particularly in the case of dogs, where your lives can be so synergistic, what you do to them you literally do to yourselves.

    Whether or not Maya, our Husky cross, was an avatar, I do not know at this point. What I do know is that she was incredibly supportive of both Don and myself, demonstrating immeasurable patience and consideration. I would say she had achieved a balanced state in this lifetime and has made great progress along her ascension pathway. When I reflect on all of Mark Starmer’s information in connection with witnessing the 4-month episode of Don’s recovery and Maya’s demise, I sit in awe of the implications for each one of us. In conclusion, I ask: Could you perhaps adopt a dog? Could you perhaps use the help of an angel? Perhaps you don’t know. But what I am certain of is that life is definitely “ruff, ruff”!




Marlene and Don have adopted another loveable dog! This is a photo of Rocco, their new rescue dog, who came from northern Saskatchewan, and whom was adopted via the Cochrane Humane Society last November. He's been a great walking companion all winter, being able to walk comfortably for an hour or more at -39C temperatures! He's a 4 year old male and is very friendly, even with the cat! With all his foot fur walking in mud and water this spring has been challenging, but now Marlene has conditioned him to place each paw into a bucket of water when they get home.


A granddaughter who can't attend kindergarten during this period of pandemic isolation is reading a new word on Facetime each day to Rocco, and he earns treats for listening to her! Rocco is very smart and may be a composite of breeds like bearded collie, Australian Shepherd, and blue heeler. He looks like an air-brain, but isn't at all like that!


Have a doggone good day!

(c) 2019 Marlene Harris

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