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The Energy of Sacred Sites by Jane Fleming
Past President, ASHA

The Holy Land

Despite the crisis and war in Israel at this time, we remember that millions of people consider it the Holy Land. Edna Jacques was a beloved homespun poet who published poetry in newspapers and magazines across Canada from the 1930’s on. In her autobiography Uphill All the Way she showed that the pioneer life was exactly that, uphill all the way. But in retirement she received a windfall of money and was able to go to the Holy Land. She said: ‘Maw always wanted to go, but never had the ghost of a chance.’ So, Edna went herself. Being brought up in southern Saskatchewan in the Methodist Church, she was able to take a bus tour with a United Church group in the 1970’s. Although warned not to, she actually drank from the River Jordon at the place where Jesus was said to be baptized. She called it the holiest river in the world. In Jerusalem she walked to the hill called Calvary where Jesus was crucified and saw an open tomb which tradition says was the one Jesus arose from. She felt that she had walked on hallowed ground and breathed the clear air of the holiest city in the world. Then she visited Bethany where Lazarus was healed, and Bethlehem where Jesus was born. To Edna these were the most holy sites in the entire world. This, of course, is the ethnocentric view of Christians. But Edna sincerely felt the holiness of these sites that she had heard about all her life. It was a profound experience.


Indeed, these are holy sites to millions of people based on Biblical texts.  But why?


Spiritual Nervous System

How do we experience the sacredness of a particular location? All peoples of the world have designated sacred sites. Some sites are very ancient such as the vast Caves in France with sacred animal art and Ayres Rock in Australia. But why?


The human brain has been hardwired for Spiritual experiences for millions of years. The Spiritual Nervous System or energy system of multiple energy vortexes (called chakras) and channels (called nadis) follow the same physical neuropathways that 2 are used by the body for other physiological purposes, the biology of life. Brain scientists today can even locate with lasers the part of the brain in which we experience Oneness with All That Is. Spiritual states of being have always been with us. It seems that these altered states can be intensified in certain locations or environments.


To understand the phenomena of sacred sites I turned to the book Inner Bridges by Frederick Fritz Smith. The following information is taken from this book.

Energy Fields

To exist as separate beings, to be manifest on the material plane as we are, we must be both a part of the fabric of nature and independent of it. This dual requirement determines two basic energy flows in our bodies: one conducts energy through the body and connects with nature outside the body; the other relates to the circulation of energy within the body and organizes us as individuals. You can see in the ASHA Spiritual Healing Protocol that healers sense the internal flows of the body: first the healer scans the aura at the cushion edge or energy sac edge of the individual, then the 7 major chakras along the spine, followed by the energy flows along both sides of the skeleton and limbs, the spine, etc. But, of course, there are external energy flows around and through us from the outer environment.


Every upright object, whether animate or inanimate, acts as an antenna or lightning rod, conducting energy within the environment. Since this is a continual process, we are unaware of its occurrence, unless there is a significant alteration of the frequency or volume of energy. Then we may perceive the energy field.


Because of our high metabolic rate, our constantly discharging nervous system, and our physical movement through surrounding force fields, we actually transform energy around us and in us. Free energy waves in space convert into waves with more specific forms as energy fields. They mingle with our own subtle energy vibrations as we move from one environment to another, one field to another. Thus, we impact the energy field as well as perceive it.


Perception of Energy

Many people sense the change in energy fields. In walking through a grove of redwoods and walking through an apple orchard we experience energy in different ways. The redwoods are tall and linear, have few low branches, and are surrounded by little or no underbrush or scrub growth. In the orchard, the trees are shorter, fuller, broader, and not as massive. The sensation felt in the redwood grove is quietness, with subtle sensations often described as streaming, humming, calming, or heaviness. In an orchard the sensations we experience are less organized: random, rustling, light, softer, and diffuse. The exact experience will vary from person to person.


Energy & Sacred Sites

Throughout the world the ancients designated a number of areas as ‘power spots.’ They discovered certain places which had a special feeling and quality and, as the name implies, a particular power. These power spots may be located over underground streams and rivers; others are on hilltops, especially in areas surrounded by flat lands such as Ayers Rock rising out of desert or the buffalo jump at Head Smashed In in southern Alberta. Because of their locations these areas are strong natural antennae or interlocutors between the sky, air and the earth. Church steeples act as strong conductors and produce a great force field in the church. The high vaulted ceilings in large cathedrals amplify this effect, as one can experience by walking from the street into a large cathedral. These are man-made sacred sites. Creating a sacred space is what churches aspire to do. We can create sacred sites or we can be sacred sites.


Creating a Sacred Space

Churches In my many years with the Calgary First Spiritualist Church (CFSC), people often return years later after having been away. They comment on the change of energy here. I certainly believe that ASHA, being housed in the building since the year 2000 and providing the church with many healers, has improved the environment. Perhaps too, the healing energy of mediumship has changed because of the gradual development away from a criticism of different styles to more openness.


One Spiritual Trainer who visited Calgary frequently from Sedona, Arizona felt a huge change of energy when her plane landed in Calgary. She called the change sacred. The famous Spiritual Teacher, Carolyn Myss, claims to feel the positive change in energy whenever she crossed over the Canadian border from the USA.

About twenty years ago a medium visiting from the UK was visiting a son in Cochrane. She and her husband arrived early at CFSC for the Sunday Service and were waiting on the sidewalk outside for someone to open the door. They commented on the healing energy that they could feel right out into the street.


During every healing session within the church venue, we may feel the temperature rising. Raising vibrations is what every healer intends to do. Since we are high energy transformers, it can become our mission to raise the vibrations within ourselves and change the vibrations around us.


Home Sanctuary Many people create a permanent healing space, altar or sanctuary in their home. Hindus usually have an altar or special room for meditation and prayer. Maggie Stormcrow would place a ‘mesa’ at the front of the church here for her Celtic Drumming sessions. (A mesa is the flat top of the mountains around Sedona in Arizona. The rock is filled with crystals producing very high energy.) She spread out a beautiful cloth and would place sacred objects from her collection on it. Everyone was invited to place a special object there as well in order to receive the blessing and sacred vibration. So, anyone can create their own sacred space or sacred site.


Edna’s Poem Since Edna Jacques inspired me to think about why some places are holy or sacred, let me conclude with one of her poems: 



Not for the mighty world oh Lord tonight,

Nations and kingdoms in their fearful might,

Let me be glad the kettle gently sings,

Let me be thankful just for little things.


Thankful for simple food and supper spread

Thankful for shelter and a warm clean bed,

For little joyful feet that gladly run

To welcome me when my day’s work is done.


Thankful for friends who share my joy and mirth,

Glad for the warm sweet fragrance of the earth,

For golden pools of sunlight on the floor,

For peace that bends above my cottage door.


For little friendly days that slip away

With only meals and bed and work and play,

A rocking chair and kindly firelight,

For little things……let me be glad tonight.


If Gratitude and Thankfulness have a place in our Hearts, then our Hearts become a Sacred Site.

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