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Monday Group Healings

As part of our safety measures around Covid-19, physical healing sessions are currently suspended.

Please join us Monday night for our friendly healing sessions conducted online through Zoom. Experience is proving that these sessions are very powerful!

Here is the link to join us at 7:30 Monday evenings: https://www.zoom.us/j/524543118. The passcode is 051104.

2021 Membership Renewal

A reminder that the 2021 Membership Renewal is due by 15 January 2021. You can now renew your membership online at the Programs page. 

Upcoming 2021 Programs

Upcoming workshop for 2021 will be published on the Programs page. Subscribe with the Get in Touch button below to join our mailing list for the latest news.


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About Us

Since 1993 ASHA is an organization devoted to:

  • Providing Spiritual Healing to the general public on a weekly basis

  • Assisting those in need through Distant Healing and prayers

  • Training those who wish to become Spiritual Healers

  • Giving to other charitable organisations in need.

ASHA is a registered charity with Canada Revenue Agency.


“I have learned that the healing act, as far as the healer is concerned, is one of simplicity. The healing forces come through us, they are not from us.”

Harry Edwards


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